Individual & Group coaching Programs

… Are you ready to thrive?


Individual & Group coaching Programs

… Are you ready to thrive?


Create the epic life you’ve always imagined

One-on-one & group coaching programs

Do you want to live a life that has you leaping out of bed every morning, grateful for every moment and excited for what the next brilliant day will bring?

Are you a seeker, a go-getter, a BIG dreamer?

You’ve got a fire in your belly and a vision of the epic life you’ve always imagined. You know you have a wellspring of wisdom tucked away and the potential to take your life to the next level.

But then there’s the self-doubt. The confusion and comparison. The weak knees and shaky hands. The moments where you freeze up and question if you’re doing the right thing. The gigantic maze from point A to point B that’s downright intimidating.

Sound familiar?


As a leading wellbeing scientist and positive psychology specialist, I’ve guided and supported hundreds of men and women to bust through the limiting beliefs holding them back and reclaim their highest potential.

I help go-getters escape the cycle of mediocracy and live their best life using unique science-backed strategies for success. I am a subject specialist and pioneer within my field, with many years of professional experience working on wellbeing and training people for peak performance. My goal is to create a significant, long-lasting positive impact on your wellbeing. My passion (and mission) is to empower YOU to master your happiness, navigate your wellbeing and discover more daily joy.  

I’ve watched on with pure delight as my coaching clients have emerged from their caves of indecision, doubt and fear. And I’ve cheered as they’ve set and accomplished deeply fulfilling goals and gained clarity and confidence like never before. And now I’m ready to help you do the same!

Are you ready to thrive?



“Having Annika as my coach allowed me to get

in touch with myself and better understand who I am. IT



- N



My coaching program is where I share everything I’ve learnt as a Positive Psychology Specialist, a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and a Wellbeing Scientist —all bundled into customised, in-person or online sessions designed just for YOU.


  • Learn how to become unstuck in the areas of your life you want to upgrade. Whether it’s your career, health, relationships or finances.

  • Uncover the mental blocks holding you back and discover simple neuroscience strategies to help you rise to your highest potential.

  • Understand how to productively apply your natural talents and strengths to make life easier and create sustainable habits that bring you joy.

  • Transform your life from mega-stressed, sleep-deprived survival mode to EPIC, out-of-this-world clarity, confidence and connection.

  • Map your happiness and navigate challenges with accountability. Feel supported by your coach and benefit from a network of like-minded people in our group coaching programs.



Choose your own adventure    

& discover a new you

Path 1: Setting Off (Free Wellbeing Quiz)

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone—it’s not meant to be mediocre. So why settle for anything less than a soul-expanding adventure? Navigate your first steps with our Free Wellbeing Quiz.

This path is right for you if…

  • You're ready for more and you're looking for answers to help you get started on your wellbeing journey.

  • You want to harness your energy and awaken the catalyst within you, but you’re not sure if coaching is right for you just yet.

  • You’re excited to dip your toes into a new way of thinking and start taking steps towards achieving your dreams.


“I love ALL OF the resources ANNIKA shared.

I can’t wait to work with HER again!”

- A

Annika Rose Happiness Adventure

Transform with a customised 6-session coaching program—available in person or online.

Path 2: The Open Road (One-on-one Happiness Coaching)

If you seek an experienced guide to help you map your happiness and navigate your life challenges, this is where the fun—and transformation—really begins! Choose an adventure of self-discovery where you get to pioneer new territory and practice self-mastery with support from an expert. Oh, the places we’ll go!

This path is right for you if…

  • You’re feeling frustrated, stagnant and overwhelmed. There’s change you want to see in your life, but you’re frozen in complete inaction and inertia.

  • You want to discover what it means to journey through a joyful life. Where is the spring in your step? Where is the juicy, creative momentum? Where is that thriving, self-confident person within—with a smile on their face and radiant, positive energy?

  • You’re craving more. More passion, more zest, more fire. You’re ready to break free from the ‘shoulds’ and instead have the confidence to explore a new world of possibilities.


“I learnt a lot about myself, how i work,

why i work like that AND how to change

things in a positive way.”

- E

happiness coaching perth

Our next round of group coaching starts in 2019. Dates to be announced soon!

Path 3: The Oasis (Group Happiness Coaching)

Wherever you're at on your happiness journey, adventure lies ahead. Your destination? Thriving! Our group coaching program will help you discover an abundance of joy, freedom, mindfulness and gratitude. Together, we’ll take things up a notch and show you how to unlearn the ‘not good enoughs’.

This path is right for you if …

  • You’re tired of juggling all the things and want to work alongside a group of motivating, supportive, like-minded people to shake things up and makeover your life with simple and practical mindset strategies.

  • You want to feel calm and in control, proactive instead of reactive, and happier in your day-to-day life. You’re ready to prioritise your health and wellbeing, but you need some accountability and ongoing support to get you started.

  • You’ve been seeking a community—lifelong friendships, soul sistas, cheerleaders, powerful connections with other extraordinary humans.




- K


Our next retreat dates will be announced in 2019.

Path 4: Rest & Recharge (Group Retreats)

What's a beautiful journey without taking some time to stop and appreciate the view? Look how far you've come! We understand how important it is to reflect, restore and recharge in order to keep going. That’s why we’ve created a beautiful experience that brings one-of-a-kind, soul-altering goodness directly to our Collective.

This path is right for you if…

  • You’re feeling burned out. You’re going through the motions, rolling with the punches, and tired of orchestrating the chaotic symphony of life. Deep down you know you’re ready to make some big changes, but you need a little breathing room to figure it all out.

  • You’re yearning for a break, a space to clear your head, and time to relax and recharge.

  • You’ve achieved some amazing milestones this year and you would like to treat yourself to a beautiful retreat in a gorgeous location with other amazing humans. Everyone deserves a little TLC!



I know WHY AND HOW IT WORKS, it’s a

game changer ”

- E


How does it work?

Our coaching process

Step 1

We’re better together

Start your journey with a FREE 20 minute, no obligation wellbeing consultation via video or telephone call. We’ll chat about the services you’re looking for and I’ll help you to pick the right path to move your wellbeing forwards.


Let’s boogie!

Once you’re booked in, we’ll work with you to reignite that spark within and empower you to thrive. We’ll blend the science of positive psychology with ancient Eastern wisdom to help you make your life happier and healthier.

Step 3

Time to thrive

It’s time to live your greatest potential and use your newfound knowledge to reach your goals and pursue the things you really care about. Our sessions will not only help you become happier, but also empower you to become more resilient, so you can truly flourish and navigate your life and wellbeing with ease.