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Annika Rose Professional Speaker Australia
Annika Rose community talk the wellbeing collective
Work with Annika Rose
A great open and honest presentation that provided food for thought and included unique follow up. Thanks Annika and well done!
— Attendee, W.A.
Annika is an engaging presenter whose passion for wellbeing is palpable. She coveys content in a way that simply makes sense, providing ideas that can easily be put into practice. I’ve already actioned a couple! In addition, I now have a number of excellent resources to refer to. I can highly recommend Annika and The Wellbeing Collective.
— Attendee, NSW.
This was one of the best lunch and learn presentations I’ve ever been to! I liked the focus on building the positives, an essential in our current climate. Well done!
— Attendee, W.A.
This presentation was engaging and interesting. I also learned some new terminology on the topic of resilience.
— Attendee, W.A.
I found an oasis of calm in Annika’s mindfulness session. She cut through the popular jargon and explained that mindfulness could be practised anywhere at any time, during any activity. For a busy professional, this was just what I needed to hear! Packed with practical advice, tips and app suggestions, plus a chance to stop and breathe deeply with the group for just a moment, the session left me feeling energised.
— Attendee, VIC.