Alice - Workshop Client,W.A.

"The biggest change I have seen since attending Annika’s workshops is that I feel more aware of my thoughts and behaviours. I am now inspired and empowered to truly invest in my own happiness to live the best life I can."

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I have attended two of Annika’s workshops, the first on Wellness at Work and the second on Mindfulness.

Before attending Annika’s workshops, I had spent some months thinking about how I could be happier after a particularly stressful period that had left me feeling depleted and anxious.

Annika is extremely well-versed in so many aspects of positive psychology and wellness. Both workshops included thoughtful discussion between participants facilitated by Annika’s knowledgeable, easy-going and upbeat manner and I left with some simple positive psychology exercises for boosting my wellbeing and plenty of food for thought.

The biggest change I have seen since attending Annika’s workshops is that I feel more aware of my thoughts and behaviours and inspired and empowered to truly invest in my own happiness to live the best life I can.


Kathryn - Workshop Client, W.A.

My first workshop with Annika was INCREDIBLE!! I really loved how well organised yet still relaxed it was and have to send a big thanks to Annika for sharing her knowledge and inspiration with us. Really looking forward to future workshops and cannot wait to see what else I will learn and be able to apply to my daily life. Thanks Annika!


Gail, Mindfulness Coaching Client, W.A.

"Annika's strength is untangling mindfulness. What I learned from her was the graceful art of finding presence in every moment."

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I'm a woman in transition. And now at what seems an incredible time of change opportunity and challenge I want so much to blossom into my next stage.

Annika came to me through a beautiful friend who saw a perfect fit between what Annika was teaching and my own personal pathway.

Annika's strength is untangling mindfulness. What I learned from her was the graceful art of finding presence in every moment. Not just in the "om" moments with legs crossed and a soft caressing melody or voice. But in the whisperings of everyday life, in the daily activities that fill our time. She so eloquently taught me that making a cup of tea, eating a meal, walking, just being - can all be an act of presence hence mindfulness and finally an act of meditation in and of itself. This was a revelation for me. But more so it was a gift.

Annika has given me something priceless- a knowing that in each and every moment we can manifest a space from which to grow energy and spiritual freedom to become happier, less entangled in the dark and more inclined towards gratitude and contentment.

Personal discovery is like a tapestry and I'm so very happy that Annika is part of my journey.


Professor Donna Cross, Telethon Kids Institute, Western Australia

Annika is such an engaging, articulate and confident presenter and her content is so interesting. I look forward to the opportunity to work together again in the future.


Michelle, Workshop Client, QLD.

I found an oasis of calm in Annika’s mindfulness session. She cut through the popular jargon and explained that mindfulness could be practised anywhere at any time, during any activity. For a busy professional, this was just what I needed to hear! Packed with practical advice, tips and app suggestions, plus a chance to stop and breathe deeply with the group for just a moment, the session left me feeling energised. I’ve already shared Annika’s ideas with our staff and have joined the Global Strengths Challenge she recommended. Thank you Annika, you are inspirational!


Gratitude Workshop Client Testimonials

"It's great to reflect, this workshop is really inspiring! Thank you".

"Today I learned to share the positive energy and to take the time to reflect on what's good in my life. Thank you! :)"

"It's good to stop and smell the roses!"

"The workshop was great! I would love to know more! Keep doing what you are doing Annika"

"Awesome session, you are lovely!"

"It was great! Made me really think about what I'm grateful for in my life and that things aren't always as bad as it seems. It was cool to hear about the benefits of gratitude, I didn't know it helps you to sleep better etc. Thanks Annika, 5/5! "

"Today I realised the value of gratitude to my health and how simple it is to include it in my daily life."


Sarah, Workshop Client, QLD.

I thoroughly enjoyed Annika’s talk. Despite it only being for one-hour, she managed to fit in incredibly useful content (including handy links to websites), and even a minute-long guided mindfulness session. There were many take-homes but learning how to cultivate a calm mind in stressful work situations particularly resonated with me. I was also impressed with how Annika explained the science behind wellbeing – it all made such sense! Plus she was generous at providing a soft copy of her presentation immediately after the talk. I highly recommend Annika, not only as a speaker but also as a Wellbeing and positive psychology practitioner. The taste we had makes us want more!

Delfina, Mindfulness Coaching Client, Argentina

"The content of this course changed my perspective on mindfulness, contemplative practices and life. Yes, LIFE"!

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I had been doing meditation for a couple of years before I took The Wellbeing Collective course on mindfulness, MiMo.

I had reached a stage in my meditation routine were I needed to understand and comprehend more about the processes I was living, sometimes I felt really connected with my self but other times it was almost impossible to get through my daily practice. I also needed more variety in my contemplative practices as I was stuck with only one method and I wanted to know more about all the ways I could live the present moment more fully.

I told Annika about the issues I was experiencing during my meditation routine and she told me exactly how this course could help. I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and she lives in Perth, Australia, but the distance wasn't a barrier. We arranged the dates in advance for 8-weeks of online training. The content of this course changed my perspective on mindfulness, contemplative practices and life. Yes, Life! I was introduced to themes like "Who am I?", "What is the purpose of life?" and "What is my purpose in life". It challenged me to bring more mindfulness into my every day life and to be more compassionate and accepting with myself and everything around me.

Since doing the MiMo course, I realize that I was trying to get somewhere with my meditation routine, just like my career. Annika helped me to remember that life is to be lived in the present moment, that every here and now builds whatever needs to come. I am extremely grateful for the lessons learned and insight gained and I strongly recommend this process for those adventurous ones that are ready to experience life in a whole new light.


Therese Joyce, Associate Director, Centre for Positive Psychology, University of Melbourne.

Annika brings a delightful energy and sincere commitment to the science of wellbeing. Her vast knowledge of evidence-based research allows her to tailor programs for the workplace, and to work with individual clients to empower them to make positive changes in their lives. At the 2014 Australian Positive Psychology and Wellbeing conference she wowed delegates with her world-first research in the area of digital wellbeing, showing she is not afraid to pioneer new territory.


Natalie - Mindfulness Coaching Client, W.A.

"Annika’s passion and drive to share the gift of mindfulness with the world is an inspirational game changer."

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I have recently embarked on a path of personal development, so when I found out Annika was running a course on mindfulness, the timing could not have been better.

This was the perfect fit for me to move forward on my soul-finding journey to inner contentment and happiness.

Before Annika’s program I was anxious, often negative and self-critical. Put simply, through Annika’s teaching I learned that peace is inherent, it’s just a matter of tapping into it.

Annika’s passion and drive to share the gift of mindfulness with the world is an inspirational game changer. I truly believe that lives will be changed forever to those who listen, learn and implement what Annika has to share.


Lena - Workshop Client, W.A.

I've been to a number of Annika's workshops and every single one was very well organised and just great! I really enjoyed hearing about the science of happiness and the interesting discussions with the lovely people that came along with it. I also appreciate the relaxed atmosphere over food and drinks. Thank you for the inspiring workshop Annika! I'm looking forward to the next one! :)


Rahul - Workshop Client, W.A.

Annika is an extremely warm and bubbly person and ran a great workshop. I'm looking forward to attending future sessions with her. Thank you and well done Annika :)


Deborah, Workshop Client, QLD.

Annika is an engaging presenter whose passion for wellbeing is palpable. She coveys content in a way that simply makes sense, providing ideas that can easily be put into practice. I’ve already actioned a couple! In addition, I now have a number of excellent resources to refer to. I can highly recommend Annika and The Wellbeing Collective.


Chris Lovell, Macquarie Group Australia

Annika presented at our organisation during R U OK Week to put a different spin on how companies can approach mental wellbeing issues. We had a packed house and everyone’s feedback following the session was extremely positive! Annika was able to arm our staff with effective strategies for maintaining positivity in the workplace and being watchful of others who may be suffering silently. Thanks Annika. We’d love to hear from you again in future!


Joanne, Workshop Client, QLD

I attended a great session today hosted by The Wellbeing Collective explaining the benefits and theory of positive psychology and how this applies to the workplace. The content was so relevant! My biggest take-away was the importance of staying mentally healthy and the impact this has on my efficiency and coping mechanisms. I was reminded it is okay to take the time to nurture this part of your health and how important it is to do. After the talk, I immediately went home and started a gratitude journal and have found that a positive way to end each day. Today was a fantastic experience, I would recommend The Wellbeing Collective without any hesitation.