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In LESSONS 1 - 5, we’ll cover the basics. I’ll walk you through why it’s a good idea to practice gratitude, how to overcome the most common hurdles to happiness and how transformational a journey its been for me. I also share what the science says along with my top tips to bring gratitude into your everyday life effortlessly.

Lesson 1 (Duration: 6 mins 09)

  • What is gratitude?

  • What does gratitude mean to you?

  • How grateful are you? Take the quiz in your workbook!

Lesson 2 (Duration: 10 mins 29)

  • What grateful people do differently

  • Why pleasure fades and you crave more than you need

  • How your brain is biased and why this hinders happiness

Lesson 3 (Duration: 11 mins 36)

  • What happened when I got stuck in the comparison trap

  • How I subconsciously sabotaged my own happiness

  • How I used gratitude to switch from non-stop striving … to thriving

Lesson 4 (Duration: 8 mins 27)

  • If you’ve ever said “I’ll be happy when”… think again!

  • What makes us happy + why you have the power to positively transform yourself

  • The proven impact of gratitude practices (+ see related article in the resource section below for more science on this)

Lesson 5 (Duration: 4 mins 24)

  • My top tips on how to set yourself up for success

  • Why forcing gratitude won’t work …

  • How getting much more out of life takes no extra time

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Now you’re ready to create an attitude of gratitude, in LESSONS 6-12 we dive deep into action. Discover the different ways you can bring gratitude into your day and follow my steps as I take you through a range of fun, simple and science-backed strategies to try at home, school, work … and everywhere in between!

Lesson 6 (Duration: 3 mins)

  • Start training your brain to tune into the good

  • How it takes just two minutes to transform your awareness

  • Discover just how much there is around you to appreciate

Lesson 7 (Duration: 9 mins 53)

  • How to rapidly boost your mood and work wonders on your wellbeing

  • Feel a deep sense of gratitude, compassion and peace

  • Shift from scarcity to an abundant mindset

Lesson 8 (Duration: 3 mins 43)

  • A classic way to capture your gratitude

  • The importance of reflecting deeply on your day

  • An easy alternative to journaling

Lesson 9 (Duration: 2 mins 33)

  • How to make the goodness grow

  • Top tips to share your gratitude with others

  • Adapting this exercise for different environments / age groups

Lesson 10 (Duration: 7 mins)

  • Discover one of THE most powerful positive practices

  • Why it’s always worth making the time to say thanks

  • How to positively rewire your brain in 30 seconds

Lesson 11 (Duration: 2 mins 11)

  • How to effortlessly focus on the good

  • Spread happiness to those around you

  • How to make scrolling social media a happier activity

Lesson 12 (Duration: 3 mins 51)

  • What to do if you’re having a bad day …

  • Why compassion must come first

  • How a gratitude practice can carry you through the toughest times



If you want to explore a little more, here’s what to do and where to go …



30 days of Thanks planner + prompts


Gratitude: Guided Meditation


Kikki.K. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Survey (GQ-6)

Negativity Bias article

Scientific Benefits of Gratitude article

Buddha’s Brain (book by Rick Hanson)

The How of Happiness (book by Sonja Lyubomirsky)

The Art of Gratitude (book by Meredith Gatson)

Appreciate App (IOS only)


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