Danielle Quigley and Sue Fan are a perfect pairing of creativity. The duo spend their days creating tangible beauty from the gifts that Mother Nature offers.  Their unique talents take them around the world on journeys to craft, collect and style from the wild. Ten years of friendship and many wild adventures later, their insatiable pursuit for natural beauty continues to guide their journey. Everything they make is handcrafted with love, purpose and sustainability in mind.


Meet Danielle and Sue from WILD HABIT ...



What's WILD HABIT all about?

WILD HABIT is our insatiable pursuit for creating beauty from wilderness. We work to help others find their wild, encourage everyone to appreciate and preserve this beautiful Earth, and make time to enjoy it and incorporate its beauty into their homes, style, and life. 


Does WILD HABIT have a motto?

WILD HABIT doesn't have an exact motto, but we live by the strength and inspiration of the outdoors.


What inspires you most in nature?  

We love everything wild. There is no shortage of magic in nature. We feel best amongst trees.


Where’s your favourite place in the world to forage for natural goodies? 

There's so much to find in the woods and the desert, but we have a soft spot for the Northeast where we find most of our birch and antlers.


Wild Habit Natural Goodness


What are your superpowers and how do they compliment each other?

Our superpower may be one and the same: Curiosity. We are constantly exploring the outdoors, literature, art, and the world to find things and people that inspire us. It's the perfect complement as without it, there wouldn't be drive to build better, be better, create better.


You create such unique, beautiful treasures. How does your work inspire others? 

We hope our work inspires others to create beauty from foraged goods and to also be kind to the earth. It gives to us, and it's our job to be sustainable and always give back.




How does your work influence different spaces and places? 

Our interior design and styling creates a space and place where a studio, restaurant, hotel, or home can feel warm, wild, and pretty wonderful. We forage everywhere we go and so when commissioned to style a space, we are able to bring a little of that environment into it. Every piece is unique to the space and unique to the client, and that goes for the lifestyle goods as well in that no two stones, feathers, or trees are exactly the same. 


How important is the sustainability element of your work? 

Sustainability is what we live by. We try to make everything we do sustainable and to make sure we cover our bases, we plant trees with 10% of all proceeds. We've planted thousands of trees to date in Tahoe National Forest.


Who is your biggest source of inspiration?

Earth's natural beauty is our inspiration. It's easy to make something beautiful from something already so much so.


Can you tell us about your favourite piece, installation or project to date? 

One of our favourite projects to date happened just this summer at The Do Lectures in Wales and California. Our work is generally more permanent. To style an event and to be in a space that encourages wildness and beauty but with the impermanence of a mandala is quite powerful. It makes us realise what is worth doing and continues to remind us why beauty in small things matters.